Baptism Information


Your child’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy for both your family and the Catholic Community here at St. Patrick. We are here to assist you in this celebration.The Church both acknowledges and supports your decision to have your child baptized. This wonderful time is one of preparation, at time to explore and evaluate your won faith and practice. As your child grows, he or she will learn about his or her faith from you. Your child will model his or her faith after your own. 

That is why, when you approach the Church about having your child baptized, we will want to be assured that your faith is an important part of your daily life. The very fact that you have begun the process to have your child baptized is a strong indication of the recognition of the importance of God in your own life.

As you review the procedures noted below, please take time to reflect upon your faith. Important information regarding preparation for and celebration of the sacrament, as well as information regarding the selection of Godparents, is included.

We welcome your child with great joy and look forward to growing in faith with you and your family!

Baptismal Procedures at St. Patrick

Please complete the 2-page Baptismal Registration Form, and return it to the parish secretary via one of the following methods:

  • In person during the secretary’s office hours.
  • Leaving it in the office drop box anytime.
  • Fax: (859) 344-7042
  • Email the parish secretary at:
  • Send via standard mail to:
    Secretary, St. Patrick Parish & Shrine, 3285 Mills Rd. Taylor Mill, KY 41015

If there are questions regarding the form, please contact the office at (859) 356-5151 ext. 10.

Please allow at least (2) months for the entire baptismal process, unless unforeseen circumstances occur. If unforeseen family circumstances occur, please be sure to call right away. A baptismal process checklist has been provided below for your records.

It will be necessary for first-time parents and godparents to attend a baptismal preparation session at St. Patrick or in their home parish. It is also advised parents not having attended baptismal preparation class within the last (5) years, attend again. If the baptismal preparation session is taken at another Catholic church, please submit an official certificate of attendance to the St. Patrick Parish Office. Baptism preparation class is held monthly at St. Patrick on the first Saturday of each month in the church. Please call the parish secretary to register for the class with the intended date of attendance. After all paperwork has been received, you will be contacted to schedule the Baptism.


Baptisms are scheduled based upon availability. Please note: baptisms are not celebrated during Lent, since it is a season of preparation for initiation; and it is most appropriate to refrain from celebrating during this season. However, in cases of emergency or other significant pastoral reason the baptism may be celebrated upon approval by Father Jeff.

Customarily, both a Godmother and Godfather are chosen to be a child’s Godparents. At least one godparent must be a practicing Catholic, at least (16) years old, and be fully initiated (has received Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist). While the role of Godparent is honorary, it is more importantly one of great significance and responsibility. The role of the godparent is: to join the parents in presenting the child for baptism, to assist the parents in passing the faith on to the child, and to represent the community in accepting the child as a member of the Church.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Jeff



Baptism Class