Scripture Reflections & Modern Issues


Fr. Jeff's Homilies and Reflections on Modern Issues

Beggars, Broken Mary & Divine Acceptance
Click to hear the homily.Beggars and Broken Mary Beggars, broken Mary and Divine Acceptance.  We can relate to each other and Mary, Mother of God, through our brokenness.  We are all beggars of grace receiving Divine Acceptance of each one of us.    

Grandma Church: “Love You” “ Forgive You"
Click to hear the homily.Grandma Church:  “Love You” “ Forgive You" Mt 18:15-20: Church is to be more like Grandma.  Not judged!  Not intending anyone’s excommunication! But being lifted up by Grandma Church’s prayer at the altar: Forgive you and I love you.     

Forgive: Don’t Have To Take It To The Grave
Click to hear the homily. Forgive: Don’t Have To Take It To The GraveMt 18:21-35:Hindsight should lead us more to insight than regret. Hindsight leads us to insight about forgiveness: What we don’t have to take with us to the grave