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Tuesday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

July 5, 2016


St. Anthony Zaccaria
July 5, 2016

How to Vote!

By Rev. Jeffrey D. VonLehmen, Pastor

Good Luck!  I wish it was that easy to answer.  We do vote as Catholics.  Saint John Paul II gave helpful advice, when he said we should always vote in favor of the least.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  If we take care of the weakest, God will somehow, in this messy election, take care of us.

  • · Who is the weakest? Saint Mother Teresa always said the poorest of the poor are the voiceless unborn.
  • · Why start with the weakest in consideration of the next president?  When we take care of the unborn, it will also help policies to protect the handicapped, sick, and elderly.  It has a domino effect

 Why don't we say more from the pulpit about upcoming elections?


Every Gospel is about the upcoming election and the future of the country.  Every Sunday we are proclaiming, "One Nation Under God " and Freedom of Religion by our public attendance at Mass and attentiveness to the Gospel. 


In the Eucharist is the power to transform not only one soul, but also to transform the whole country.


We specifically pray for government officials and politicians during the petitions as well as for  guidance from the Holy Spirit, as to how to vote.


It is important that everyone vote.  If a candidate is elected, who does not keep the issues promised and which we valued, then whatever happens afterward, should not be on our conscience.  We have done the best we could.


But most important, our hope is not  in politics, it is in God;  thus "One nation under God,"  And, I might add that our focus in the parish has been on the family, where our hope also lies.  Parents, not politicians, will be the safe  guardians of the treasures of faith for their children.  We do every thing we can to support the family and parents because in them, lies the future of our country and society.  The faith life of the family, not corrupt politics, secures our future.  That is where we are putting a lot of time and resources from pre-school, to CCD to Bible studies to RCIA to constant outreach to parents and grandparents.  How much parishioners participate is a different matter.


Overall,  I am not sure the initial  question above is adequate. It is ultimately not about what we are saying, but what we are already doing.  Keep the Hope!!


Pray, fast and study!  Trust the weakest to the Lord in our vote.  Good luck…good luck!


Christ's Peace,

Fr. Jeff